Doc's Family Fun Center wants you to have a great time but also a safe one.

Notice: Skate at your own risk!

 Roller skating is a participation sport. There are certain risks which are associated with the sport of roller skating. We are not responsible for any injuries which we cannot control due to impulse or spontaneous actions of a person which may cause you to fall - please be in control at all times and watch out for others.

Safety Rules

1. Know and obey all posted and stated warnings including directions from the any and all staff.

2. Maintain control of your speed and course at all times - when you consistently pass other skaters, you must slow down.

3. No pushing, tag playing, horseplay or cutting in and out of other skaters.

4. When entering and exiting the skating floor make sure your path is clear - do not cut off other skaters.

5. Do not stop on the skating floor.

6. Skate only in the the direction of the skating traffic.

7. On the skating floor, do not chew gum.

8. Do not carry a child if you are wearing skates.

9. Always maintain a careful outlook to avoid other skaters and objects.

10. Know your own skating ability and skate within the limits of your ability.

11. Report all incidents or unusual behavior to a staff member.

General Rules

1. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

2. No one who is actually or apparently impaired by drugs or alcohol will be admitted.

3. The skating center accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items - please feel free to use our lockers.

4. We promote clean family fun and safe behavior. Foul language and inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.

5. Before leaving, please tuck the laces inside your rental skates and place the skates on the skate counter.

7. No in and out privileges.

8. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not meeting standards of good taste. We reserve the right to eject any person not following the policies of the skating center.